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Tuk Tuks are supposed to be upright...

So, I know the blog is only up to Eastern Bhutan but we are actually in Southern Cambodia (Kampot). And we had the first boo boo of the trip. All is ok as far as we can tell right now, but the family minus me were in a tuk tuk driving to dinner when they ran right into a jeep. Yep, distracted driving I guess?

Impact detritus

Celia and Lill escaped with lots of scrapes and bruises, and Celia with a very sore and swollen wrist. They had lots of help from the locals who uprighted the vehicle and picked everyone up. And a nice clinic 3 doors down really cleaned out all the wounds (only charged us $10!). Cole and Gage were only impacted emotionally!

Clinic was very helpful

Our proprietor is great, and will take Lill and Celia to hospital tomorrow only if necessary (which does NOT look like it will be needed). Will keep all apprised.

So, pizza dinner after was not the affair we had expected...

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1 commentaire

So glad everyone escaped serious injury! Interesting irony of shoes left outside the clinic where the motorcycle is parked inside. 💜🌸. Love you all.

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