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Peru: Lima, our final stop

After a restful and rewarding stay in Cusco we left for Lima with a bit of trepidation. Our last trip here was in the 90's, right after the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) was defeated and the country was in a bit of tatters. We rushed through Lima without hesitation, maybe spending 24 hours in the city on the way to the highlands and Inca locations. This trip we actually are spending a decent three days in the town.

We chose to stay in Barranco, and it is a fun and interesting part of the city.

Unfortunately it is a long way removed from the airport, so we had to endure Lima's infamous traffic on the way down. Once we made it we settled in and spread out - our last airbnb for the trip.

We did a bunch of wandering, up through Barranco and to Miraflores - on a beautiful fall day. It realIy seemed as if the whole city was out and enjoying the temperature, replete with outdoor dancing.

The faded but beautiful city center has amazing architecture.

Barranco is not as commercial and abuts the Pacific Ocean in a dramatic way - not sure you can see the myriad of surfers plying the very predictable waves of the pacific, but at sunset it was picturesque.

We stopped by the Convento de San Francisco for a catacombs tour - the Franciscans surely had a fascination with burial and bones!

We did a final early dinner on our last afternoon in Lima - the abolustely delish restaurant Isolina Taberna Peruana. The place was endearing, great food, great service! Definitely our best meal in Lima.

Goodbye to Lima, you definitely exceeded our expectations!

Off to Brooklyn - more posts to follow...what an adventure this has been!

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