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Sabbatical:   a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from one month to a year.

We have embarked on a crazy, exciting and challenging trip around the world.  We collectively are taking time away from our normal lives to do something much different.

Eric:  I am the nominal ringleader, sometimes in charge but often following those in the family that are eminently capable.

Lill: mastermind of this departure.  keeper of the all the tasks and making it all just work.

Cole:  Numero uno, finishing his schooling at RPI upstate.  Joining the trip periodically to make sure we are keeping on track.

Celia:  Currently at my alma mater in Boulder, but taking off time in the spring to wander with us.

Gage:  Bravely allowing us to home school him for a majority of his 8th grade year.

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