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Planning and Homework!

Traveling is exciting and fun, and sometimes relaxing. Mostly we are on the move and have to work to carve out downtime. We are at the halfway point and although we are in a good groove, things change from place to place. I’m generally holding Eric back from moving too much and pushing Gage along to linger a bit less, and it seems to work out in the end-mostly! Lots of planning as we go and homeschooling. Gage has been a diligent student and has really taken charge of his learning. It’s been fun learning along side him (except for the Algebra part!).

We are currently in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka in the heartland of Buddhist cultural history. We spent the morning exploring Dambulla, with gorgeous cave temples, had an amazing Sri Lankan lunch a Department of Argriculture restaurant which was incredible (curries, string hoppers, dal, scallion fritters, dosas, mushroom soup, sweets and “herbal healthy tea”-not sure what it was but I drank it!). All for about $3 for all of us and we were stuffed.

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