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Planning Ahead - Bangkok, Bhutan, Cambodia + Laos

We have had an amazing trip through Japan. However in four short days we’ll head off to Bangkok and the next day to Bhutan. Our travels will change dramatically!

Bhutan presents a total change. To visit you have to do a tour, so we have all of our hotels booked and agenda planned. I think we can tweak it but don’t have a whole lot of latitude (For instance, we will make sure to go to the Thimphu market on Saturday).

And then on Christmas Eve we will be collecting Cole and Celia - best present yet! The off to a “semi-planned” Cambodia and unplanned Laos - back to rustic travels for nearly three weeks.

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15. Dez. 2018

We loved Laos and did a grey trip paddling then on a zip line thru the canopy of trees , halfway between Vientiane and Vang Viang. The rehabilitation centre in Vientiane is brilliant. Happy belated birthday Lill

Gefällt mir
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