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Eric and I wrote about Hakone at the same time sitting next to each other. I guess we will have to communicate a bit better on this collaborative blog. I’ve got an idea that I know he won’t be discussing here...Japanese bathrooms. They are simply fascinating! So much thought and good design into a room that we all spend time in everyday. We were in the Tokyo airport and Gage spotted an ad for the company Toto, which was tauting its amazing toilets. Of course, we were curious. And they did not disappoint, they are everwhere- hotels, restaurants (even the little hole in the wall ones), train stations, trains etc. The system is meant to make the process pleasant. First off you sit down on a warmed, clean toilet seat. And everyone is supposed to sit, you know who you are!

In NY I never even sit down on a seat which is usually dirty and definitely is cold. When you sit down a loud fan comes on to drown out any sound that one might make while doing your business. Then comes the button pushing part that most Americans are missing out on...

I know that when we enter Cambodia and travel onward to Africa, things will be much different. So for now, I’m taking this opportunity to sit down and make the best of the bathroom experience in Japan! There is lots of support here with directions and even an ostomy bathroom on the train. And for those with small kids, there is a kiddie holder. The Japanese think of everything!

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