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Goodbye to Tokyo...

Our last day in Tokyo, lots of subway riding (despite Lill's assertion, we've figured it out pretty well after ill-fated beginning), Imperial Palace (very grand!) wandering, Tokyo National Museum, and top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building - excellent bang for the yen (ok, it is free to go up...) for the views.

Tokyo literally explodes in every direction - it is enormous. The next morning we took the subway to Tokyo Station - the Grand Central Station of Tokyo. It is colossal! We travel relatively lightly but the massive number of people at rush hour is crazy.

Did a quick tour of the Brooklyn of Tokyo, Daikanyama. It was very polished, perhaps a bit to precious for my liking. More like a sedate Williamsburg or Greenpoint, actually. We did wander through T-Site, which has an amazing bookstore, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.

Totally impressed with how clean the city is, the streets are perfectly maintained (no potholes!) and are often painted! It really makes a big city so much more livable. I am somewhat embarrassed about the sorry state of NYC vs. Tokyo. If the Japanese can keep this city humming and clean and civil, NYC should be able as well.

We all really enjoyed Tokyo, and ended up adding two days to our itinerary here. Very easy to get around, quiet places when you need them, eclectic, hectic and mellow as well.

Onward to see Mt Fuji, and other adventures!

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