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Departure from Japan

It went by quickly. 30 days. Crazy fast.

On our flight now from Fukuoka (on the southern island of Kyushu) to Bangkok. Tomorrow onward to Paro, Bhutan.

Summary thoughts from Japan: clean, orderly, friendly if somehow not always understanding our US-isms, helpful, easy traveling! And not too expensive, to boot.

The food is amazing, from the everpresent ramen, sushi, sake!, tofu bonanza, rice, mushrooms, miso.

As I said early on, this is such a nice transition from the US, the real adventures will be our accelerating pace - with three countries in a month. We’ve also started to dive into planning for Africa - looks like lots of rain when we’re there so we are considering some changes to our itinerary. The March cyclone season in Madagascar doesn’t sound appealing :-( but we’re flexible and will figure out satisfying alternatives.

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