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Cool Kanazawa

Kanazawa was the antidote after our chilly adventure in Takayama. The city is definitely bigger than Takayama, but it has a smallish feel. I would put it in the Denver, CO sized category, vis a vis NYC.

However, for us it punched above it's weight. We had an awesome hostel experience (we're big fans of K's) - we basically had it to ourselves, stayed in the "penthouse" (can a hostel have a penthouse?), and our location was perfect. We were in the Shintatemachi area, which has a hipster-like feel (is everyone trying to copy Greenpoint, or vice-versa?). It was an easy transition from previous cities. We again extended a day since we really loved it.

Arriving late we found a place to eat, Full of Beans. Quickly became a Gage favorite, the "shrub" they had was exquisite - we enjoyed a lazy meal. We realized as we were walking out there is a big pastime in costuming. Not sure if it is just for dinner, or in general. Got a couple shots of the footwear for a crew that had a party going on upstairs in the restaurant. Quite fancy!

Up the next morning, off to two sets of magnificent gardens and castle grounds.

The Kenrokuen Gardens are spectacular. I mean really, they are.

Kanazawa Castle - burned down so many times! Rebuilt with creative joinery...

The grounds in general were interesting - perfect fall day!

Finally the Gyokusen-Immaru Garden was another stunning one. Talked for a while to an old gentleman who told us about his American-occupation experience after WWII. So hungry!

We had tea and a sweet at the end.

Gage - getting proficient with the 'sticks

Finally wrapped up a day in Higashiyama area of Kanazawa for a quick visit to the Oriental Brewing (good tap beers) before a huge but inexpensive sushi dinner at Kourin Sushi in Bakuromachi - Lill and Gage were fans, and I had a great veg dinner too.


Early next morning, my routine is to seek bread - I found a lovely young lady who runs Bon Apetit just a few minutes from the hostel. The highlight for us was the super-delish coconut macaroon-like yummies. I had to go back the following day for travel accoutrements!

She graciously let me take her picture.

Off to the museums! Two amazing museums that we totally would recommend.

D.T. Suzuki Museum traced the path of noted author helping to introduce Zen Buddhism to the West. We were all big fans of this very chill place.

The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art is Kanazawa's big kahuna. Interesting exhibits and very cutting-edge pieces. Particularly liked the exhibit with music, don't remember the artist. Also the DeathLAB was thought provoking. From former DDDBer Karla Rothstein...interesting to see her work down here.

Swimming pool is below!

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So glad everything is so good for you!keep up the newsy reports. Love, babs, win.

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