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Coastal Tanzania: Zanzibar

Entering Africa through Zanzibar is rustic and relatively low key. The landing over the waters was gorgeous!

Although we had obtained our visas online still sitting through the red tape without a physical copy was a bit cumbersome - we left with the promise to email a copy the guy in charge (hmmmm...wondering if we ever did that...?).

Once on terra firma we made it our hotel in Stone Town - the quaint section of Zanzibar Town. It is similar to Marrakesh in feel - tight corners, no traffic, lots of vendors and tourists. We spent some of every day wandering through the town, with coconut as well.

The heavy history of Zanzibar is its role in slave trade. We visited the Anglican Church and the slave caves with a very in-depth tour. Eye opening to see the depth of involvement and the length it went on, even after being outlawed. So difficult to comprehend. We also visited caves outside of the city which were the way stations prior to transport.

We also a spices visit. While advertised as a visit to the plantations it really isn’t - just a faux plantation. Which is fine, we still get to see the gamut of the spices, learn about cultivation, and get funny hats.

Next day we did a water excursion to see the giant tortoises and do some snorkeling. The waters are lovely! While we were split on the habitat for the the giant beasts it was interesting to see them all!

After a fun last night dinner we are off to the mainland early the next morning on the ferry!

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