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Cambodia: Angkor Wat and Siem Reap

Our landing to Siem Reap was easy. We brought Cole with us from Bangkok and met Celia In the airport. We had rented a nice Airbnb just a bit out of town, still easy to get into the mix for $2 remork ride (everything is priced in dollars...).

Christmas Day! We had breakfast smorgasbord in the apartment.

Our first day we spent at the Phnom Kulen waterfall. It was a nice refreshing spot and a good spot for older kids to begin travels - ancient buddhist carvings in the shallows.

Then off to a temple and a crazy boat ride out to Tonle Sap. It is a tough life they lead out here, the boat in front of us with Korean tourists was tossing packets of dried ramen noodles out of the boat and it was like they were throwing hundred dollar bills! The children were diving after them like no tomorrow. (The baby is the son on the woman who drove our boat - extremely loud, he just slept thru it...)

We then bought tickets for Angkor Wat and our planned early morning adventure.

4am came early

The crazy morning arrival is necessary to beat (or at least meet) the hoards. And there were lots of people and jostling for the prime seats. We rented a mat for a dollar and had two coffees procured - how decadent! We had a family from Minnesota next to us that so guardedly monitored their space it bordered on ludicrous.

After all that sunrise did arrive, and it did not disappoint.

We then tromped around the temples for a few more hours. They were amazing and important to see, even in the wilting heat. I think the favorite was Angkor Thom.

Onward the next day to Battambang.

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