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Black Neck Cranes, and fireplaces in the hotel

We continued on after our Leki farmstay, on the challenging roads over the high passes to Wangdue Phodrang. This is an area where the Black Neck cranes migrate each winter from Tibet.

We went on a lovely long hike with nary another soul, after wandering through the empty and rather dilapidated dzong (although guide Yeshi ready to jump on the renovations!).

The cool weather definitely kicking in by this time of the year. But the walk was like a Colorado one, with brilliant blue skies. We made it to a stopping point where we could see a few cranes, most importantly the rescued Karma the crane (who had an affinity for Gage).

The wind started to pick up a bit, as you can tell - prayer flags are whistling!

We stayed the night in the hotel Dewachen, which was probably the nicest hotel of our Bhutan trip. It had nice fireplace in the room, making it very toasty. Dinner with “Winter Warmers” was good.

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