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Back to our regularly scheduled trip...

A day in the hospital is always a sobering experience, especially in a country which has many fewer resources than the US.

Celia X-ray was negative, so “just” the cuts, bumps and bruises will need to be tended.

I can’t say enough about our innkeeper. He brought us to hospital (20 minute drive) and stayed with us through the painful ordeal. He left Cambodia in 1970 and could not return in 1975 when his schooling ended. He spent 42 years in France before retiring to Kampot to run his bungalow. His cousin and wife had a similar experience and were visiting the bungalow at the same time. They both lost so much - friends, family, the country that they knew. It really was heartbreaking to hear their stories.

Cambodia definitely is an enigma - a country in transition, repairing infrastructure and society takes a long time.

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