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Exploring Hanelai Bay, lots of good finds and feels

We were driving to Hanelai for the first time and Gage from the backseat yelled, “look that this“! I in turn say, ”look at what?” And Gage exclaimed, “all of it!” It made me think about taking it all in, so much to see and do and it keep in the mindset of openness.

Gage and I took surfing lessons with and our surf instructor Scott had lots of information for us before we got up on our boards. First and most importantly we needed to keep our feet firmly grounded on our boards. Second was timing, knowing when to stand up, and it is all about feel not about looking about what is happening behind you. And lastly, keep your eyes firmly on the shore, if you look down or behind you, you will fall (and he was right, every time)!

The takeaway for me from our time in Kauai is to take in all of it, even when it seems like there isn’t anything going on. Keep your feet grounded and look forward, it will give you balance and perspective. Mahalo Kauaii, I hope I see you again soon!

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1 Comment

Britt Murphy
Britt Murphy
Nov 17, 2018

I love this advice!

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