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The Kohana Effect

After years of thinking about a family travel adventure and then finally deciding to do it, there were many details that we had to contemplate. One of the many things that kept me up at night in the months leading up to our departure was that our third child is a bit of a home body and it was hard to imagine him adapting to eating every meal out and sleeping in different places on a regular basis. I even brought him a pillow case, so it would seem familiar from place to place.

Our first stop after Hawaii, was Tokyo. Our first morning out exploring after the long flight and dealing with major jet lag we just really wanted some good coffee. Our Air B&B host had left us with a short list of places to stay and Cafe Kohana sounded like it had good coffee! We started exploring the neighborhood and it looked like there were not many breakfast options that included coffee. Kohona was closed. We were disappointed but continued our search and much to our delight when we circled back around they were opening the gate. We ventured into this little gem and found ourselves behind a couple of locals which made us happy. They had a “set” breakfast which was like a work of art! Brioche breads with lots of butter toasted in, rich yogurt with fruit (the tiniest container), side of egg salad, 3 (always 3) slices of banana, a delicious green salad with full of umami dressing, oh and the coffee...just what we needed.

We ended up going to Kohana 3 times! We were the only tourists and the place was always packed. Eric is staunchly against going back to a favorite, because then you stop exploring the options (Gage and I are NOT in this philosophical camp!).

So in our travels so far we have come across many Kohana...and we go back! When we love a hotel, and have to leave it after several days of it feeling like home, Gage and I look at each other and knowingly say Kohana! There was a place in Vang Vieng called Happy Mango that we ate at 3 times, Eric didn’t join the 3rd time. I know that Cole and Celia are still dreaming about coconut sticky rice with fresh mangos!

Alas, everyone needs to feed their soul!

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