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Central and Eastern Bhutan

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

More surprises awaited for our move onward. Up early to go to Dochula Pass again, this time without the hoards of festival goers. Breathtaking with the Himalayas stretching out ahead, and the stupas built to honor those lost in the separatist war in 2003 were peaceful.

To the Punakha valley. Spectacular temperate climate that is beautiful, even in the early days of winter. It is home to the Punakha Dzong, my vote for the most beautiful dzong in the country. Awe-inspiring architecture. And since they don't really allow fishing, the bridge you cross has tons of fish! (They give fishing permits for areas without lots of fish 😉).

Also, the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan, over the river Po Chhu.

We made our way to the nunnery sponsored by the former King’s mother. At sunset. With the nuns chanting. Really? Is this real?

We stayed on a farm for the night. Leki was an amazing host, highly recommend for your next visit in the Punakha valley!!

Leki and Lill

Next morning sunrise was gorgeous. They have a pet boar, and we had breakfast on the veranda.

Yeah I know I look like hell, but at 6am what do you expect? Especially when every day is a bad hair day!

They are putting on a new 3rd story on the kitchen - look at all the bricks they've made. Quite industrious!

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