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Argentina: Buenos Aires and Iguazú

We land in the Western Hemisphere finally! We have a bit of an extended stay in BA and Argentina, joining up with dear friends Paula and Jeff for a few weeks.

Our stay in BA was fabulous - I’ve always been intrigued by Argentina and since I love big cities I was excited about BA. We parked ourselves in the oldest neighborhood, San Telmo, which was a perfect choice. Initial impressions were of the East Village meets Chelsea. So much amazing architecture, delish food and drinks, and superb people watching that we were all enthralled.

And to boot, it is very inexpensive to live well. Our housing, meals and drinks were a fraction of NYC - and we ate well!

We were fortunate to meet up with our Ugandan gorilla trek-mates Marcos and Joaquina, who gave us a fun and spirited tour around the city - full of history and anecdotes.

(of course Carlos is a life-long CABJ fan...goes to every game!)

We then ate massive delicious pizzas at old-style pizzeria El Cuartito, fuggazeta was our favorite!

San Telmo Sunday means the market - huge and varied. Lots of stuff to buy, and famous tango dancers.


We found the best of BA to be experienced by wandering around the city.


...rarely banal, mostly beautiful if a bit faded.

Recoleta Cemetery and Environs much history!

Street Art

...such talent


  • Casa SaltShaker - in-house meal that was amazing from Chef Dan Perlman! Happy birthday Paula!

  • San Telmo Market - an amazing location and lots of great dishes

...and a hopping drum line outside!

Iguazú Falls

We were able to fit in a trip to Igauzú Falls, and the journey did not disappoint! The hiking was moderate but the sights were stunning. It is a highly recommended place to go! It is impossible to capture the intensity of the falls with simple pictures...

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